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  • August is the Sunday of Summer

    As our Strange But True 2020 Summer comes to an end, here are a few end of the year things you should know.


    First a Big Thank You

    I’m sure I’ll send out a more sappy end of year message with a photo montage, Michael Buble soundtrack and lots of puppy photos making you cry in your coffee.  Until then, let us thank everyone for a great year.  2020 has challenged this club like no other summer.  (Except for the summer we decided to save money and do the water chemicals ourselves.  Pool was closed for weeks while we tried to kill the sentient slime that took over the pool and the guard shack – true story).

    • Thank you to our members who were patient as we invented a new, safe way for everyone to enjoy a patent-pending Applewood Knolls Experience.
    • Thank you to Lizzy and the guards for being club ambassadors, life protectors and mask enforcers.
    • Thank you to our community as a whole who supported our being open, our food trucks and our commitment to the Applewood neighborhood.

    Dates and Times

    With kids back in “school” and lifeguards doing what ever they do (llama races, high-stakes Minecraft, illegal macrame fight clubs), we are going to count our blessings and end the season on Labor Day.  We have kept both the global pandemic gods and the state health inspectors happy so far, and we don’t want to push our luck.  (Yes, we passed our health inspection last week with flying colors.  “You guys are managing COVID better than almost everyone”)

    For the remainder of the season we will follow the hours listed below.

    • Monday – Friday : 5-9pm
    • Saturday and Sunday and Labor Day:  10-9
    • Pool is closed for season starting Sept 8.

    Golf – Our Last Hurrah

    Please join your friends and fellow drunkards at the 2020 AK Golf Cart Monster Truck Rally and Scramble.  The scramble tournament is Saturday, September 19, 2020.  The details are in the amazing poster which can be found at the below.  You can contact Megan Chapman to register.  (

    2020 Golf Tournament

    Special Thanks

    A big thank you to your Board of Directors and supporting volunteers.  I can assure you that no one signed up for this kind of chaos and insanity.  They did an amazing job keeping the club operating and fun.  (Full disclosure, I’m not on the board.  I’m just a hired gun who is good at email)

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  • Summertime Pool and Golf

    Pool Times

    Please note that the pool times for next week have changed!! Instead of closing during the day, we will remain open. More pool for your already pruned fingers! Pool hours will stay 10am-8:30pm.


    Golf Times

    Come enjoy a round of golf with your friends at the Applewood Knolls Gold Tournament!  This is an old tradition that has been revived due to our need for more outdoor time and more Coors Light time!  Plus golf is Covid friendly!

    The scramble tournament is Saturday, September 19, 2020.  The details are in the amazing poster below.  You can contact Megan Chapman to register.  (

    All are welcome – members and member wannabees.  So tell your friends!


    (Click here to enlarge)

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  • All-Club Board Meeting And Elections – You’re Invited!

    Most AK board meetings are usually not too interesting. Lots of math, complaining and drinking with an occasional story about an embarrassing zoom meeting with the guy from work.But the August meeting is where the magic happens!  Here’s why!


    That’s right.  We’d love you to come.  This is your club and we want you to understand what it takes to keep it amazing.  Seating will be under the cabana and is pretty informal.  For the past 12 years, we have enforced a 6-foot social distancing rule.  However, we have done so to keep the black eyes and head slaps to a minimum. This year will be no exception.

    Please bring drinks.  You will not be allowed to stay if you are not keeping up with the board – shot for shot.  (kidding.  sorta)


    Every year, we summarize the details of how it all happened and discuss what worked and what did not.  The summer of 2020 has been like no other and the efforts we have undertaken to make it all come together have been nothing short of miraculous. This year’s presentation will include a 20 minute multi-media musical history of the club and an interpretive dance representing what it means to be a member in the time of Covid.  (Totally kidding – just the idea of that made me laugh).

    Seriously, this will be a unscripted overview of the year with some behind-the-scenes details on how it all came together. We will cover operations, finances and membership.  The three horsemen of the swim club apocalypse.


    Our by-laws require that each board member serve a 3-year term. So each year, several board members cycle off and you can nominate your wife or neighbor or your neighbor’s wife to a board seat.  Meaning, if you want to join the board, this is your shot. We hold elections right after nominations and that’s it!  One night, one vote.

    Note that on election night, winning candidates are elected to the board – but not to a board position.  So you don’t need to decide what position you want to hold just yet.  The newly elected board will meet in October to elect key positions – like President, Bartender, DJ, etc..    Very “Robert’s Rule” of us  🙂


    You’ve read this far, so you must still be interested.  Or, you have finished Netflix and need to get out of the house before you start watching CSPAN.  Either way, here are the meeting details.

    Date:  Tuesday, August 18, 2020
    Location:  Applewood Knolls Swim and Tennis Club
    Time:  6:00 – Done

    If you have any questions about how this is going to work – click here to drop us an email and we can explain.

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  • Be the Monkey, not the Ass

    You may recall a previous post regarding how challenging this time can be.  It reminds everyone to take a brief breath and be good to each other and “be the monkey”.

    You can find that post here…..Be the Monkey

    Because our lives continue to be impacted by the virus in ways we did not expect, it appears we need to make some things clear.

    As an American you have a right not to wear a mask.

    But, just like you, businesses have a right to not let you in – not to serve you.

    You can’t have it both ways….You are free to make a choice, but that means accepting the consequences of your actions.

    Screaming at a 15-year-old lifeguard  or other employees for protecting their co-workers and other members does not make you a patriot….it makes you an asshole.

    Don’t mistake inconveniences for oppression.  And don’t mistake your membership for a right.  Those who choose to treat our employees and other members in a way unbecoming of our club will find their membership terminated.


    Effective immediately, masks are required upon entry and exit of the club.

    If you have an issue with this policy, please address it with the club leadership directly rather than passive-aggressively addressing it with a pool employee who has yet to get their driver’s license.   Our club president, Mike Zarlengo, can be reached here.

    Please help us make this a safe place for all.

    Thank you.

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  • July is Here!

    Lot’s of things going on in our favorite middle-summer month.  Hopefully you can squeeze some pool time in between soccer tournaments, 4th of July Parades and overseas vacations!  (clearly a cut and paste from last year’s email).

    Ice Cream!

    The High Point Creamery ice cream truck will be parked at the pool starting at 2pm on Monday July 13th. This is legit ice cream and the milkshakes will definitely bring all the boys and girls to the yard.  So don’t miss out.

    Food and Rum and A Few Friends – TWICE!

    We are going to hold our annual Rum Party with a few health-focused modiications. To make sure everyone enjoys – we will hold it twice!  The events will be on Thursday July 16th and Saturday August 29th from 5:30p-8:30pm.  Food will be on-site via a Mike’s 2 Kitchen!
    How do you get in? Normal reservation system on a first come first serve. You are welcome to fill your table to 6, but everyone needs to be a member. Please keep it to 6 people only!
    (PS – Rum, despite false twitter suggestions, does not kill any viruses, but it may end your marriage)

    Adult Tennis

    A quick reminder that the adult tennis league is on Wednesday nights at 6.  Swing by for more info.  (A quick reminder that adult tennis is tennis for adults, not nude tennis.  If I get one more question about this….)

    …And More!

    More food trucks, Covid Testing using tequila and a sharp stick,  plus face masks made from unused graduation gowns …..all coming up in July.  Keep an eye on the calendar for details!

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The story of Applewood Knolls begins in 1959 immediately after local hunters had rid the area of the last penguins and crocodiles that had inhabited the region.

  • Joining Applewood Knolls is a solemn and serious decision that must be made with the greatest of sincerity and humility. Our hallowed halls.... Ok, I even spit my coffee a little typing that. We are a neighborhood club, not an Ivy League.

  • Tennis lessons at Applewood Knolls are an amazing way to teach your kids a fun sport. Plus they will sleep like a rock after!!

  • Swimming and social distancing - yes, it can be done! Reservable Online Swim reservations!

  • The pool has been expanded 3 times from a 4-lane 25 yard pool to a 6-lane 25 meter pool. Each time gold coins were found in the ground allowing us all to live out all of our childhood dreams.

  • ​The pool was built and operated as part of the Applewood Knolls Subdivision HOA. The HOA collapsed quickly like all HOAs should, and the pool has since been operated independently.

  • What better way to meet your neighbors than the neighborhood watering hole!

  • When social events are allowed again, we will have games and music and a giant pool full of water. What more do you need?

  • Wifi around the pool / courts. Work from the pool this summer!

  • At the end of the pool there's a little semi-private area we call the Cabana. No idea why. Its hardly a thatched roofed hut, and there is no beach. But its what we call it. You can rent that fun little cabana area for your party, reunion or Silpada thing. The rental is a great way to bring some friends for a few hours and enjoy the club.

  • Remember, we cap our membership at 250 memberships. This keeps the crowds small and the likelihood that you'll smack the wrong kid to a minimum.

Applewood Knolls Swim and Tennis Club

11520 W 32nd Avenue, Wheat Ridge , CO, 80033

303-238-0341 (seasonal #)

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