AK Newsfeed

AK Newsfeed
So you want to stay in the loop?  You want to know when the pool is closed because a swarm of bees has decided to use the Cabana?  Well we have a few ways you can keep up to speed. Follow these instructions and you'll be in the know.


AK Website 

The AK website is our goto location for news and information.  On the main page we will add news and information about the weather, the pool, parties, investment suggestions and places to get that Dean Miller tattoo updated with chops.

You can see in the handy picture to the right that there are two key features of this page.  

First, on the left you can see the latest news and information.  Its very exciting.

And secondly, to the right you can see the dates of previous posts.  If you've been busy nursing a hangover or simply spending time on Reddit, you can read the previously posted dither.




Text Messages / SMS

So it appears CEO of Twitter had his Twitter account hacked.  Oh the irony.  And to address it, this SMS feature was "temporarily suspended".    If you had already followed these instructions, it will continue to function.  However, new peeps can't play.  Sorry.  We will keep everyone posted if this changes.

So you don't check your computer 238 times a day?  You actually have a life?  But you have a phone?  Well we can simply text you the update.  Its easy.    We leverage a Twitter SMS feed that does not require you to sign up for anything.  All you need to do is send a text and you're good to go!

You need to send a text to the phone number "40404".
In that text, type "Follow @AkSwimAndTennis"  (caps don't matter)

There is a really great example to the right.  If you do it correctly, you'll get a text back with the last message we sent out and a cute note saying you are following us.

If you need additional information about this you should stop drinking.  If that's not an option check this website.






Hey fancy pants,  if you're already on Twitter then I don't need to 'splain any of this to you.   Get everything you need at @AKSwimAndTennis.

This is our key "REAL TIME" communications system regarding pool closings due to weather, frogs, etc.  So it is highly recommended.  But if you don't want to go whole-hog on twitter, follow these minimal instructions to create a twitter account connected to your phone and you'll get alerts directly to your phone about the pool – via the Twitter app.




Um, yea.  We have a Facebook page.  But frankly I find Facebook annoying.  This isn't a "fake news" commentary, I just think its a sloppy mess of advertising and big brother.  So for now we will push our webpage posts to the Facebook page but we don't really log into it.  Comments to the Facebook page will be enjoyed by millions, but outright ignored by me.  I'll be happy to listen to your sad story if you want to try and convince me otherwise.  



I get this a lot.

Q: "Why don't I get any e-mails from AK?" 
A: " We don't send any."
Q: "Why not?"
A: "It's hard to keep track of email addresses and stuff.  Plus spam etc.  So we offer a self-service option with text messages, our website and Facebook.  We post all information on the website so you have only one source of truth.  Plus, it is real time and provides you with up-to-date information that you can consume any way you want!"
Q: " Why?"
A:  (me looking at my phone and pretending it's ringing)  "Oh, I gotta take this"

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