All-Club Board Meeting And Elections – You’re Invited!

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All-Club Board Meeting And Elections – You’re Invited!

Sunday August 9, 2020

All-Club Board Meeting And Elections – You’re Invited!
August 9, 2020 James Capps
Most AK board meetings are usually not too interesting. Lots of math, complaining and drinking with an occasional story about an embarrassing zoom meeting with the guy from work.But the August meeting is where the magic happens!  Here’s why!


That’s right.  We’d love you to come.  This is your club and we want you to understand what it takes to keep it amazing.  Seating will be under the cabana and is pretty informal.  For the past 12 years, we have enforced a 6-foot social distancing rule.  However, we have done so to keep the black eyes and head slaps to a minimum. This year will be no exception.

Please bring drinks.  You will not be allowed to stay if you are not keeping up with the board – shot for shot.  (kidding.  sorta)


Every year, we summarize the details of how it all happened and discuss what worked and what did not.  The summer of 2020 has been like no other and the efforts we have undertaken to make it all come together have been nothing short of miraculous. This year’s presentation will include a 20 minute multi-media musical history of the club and an interpretive dance representing what it means to be a member in the time of Covid.  (Totally kidding – just the idea of that made me laugh).

Seriously, this will be a unscripted overview of the year with some behind-the-scenes details on how it all came together. We will cover operations, finances and membership.  The three horsemen of the swim club apocalypse.


Our by-laws require that each board member serve a 3-year term. So each year, several board members cycle off and you can nominate your wife or neighbor or your neighbor’s wife to a board seat.  Meaning, if you want to join the board, this is your shot. We hold elections right after nominations and that’s it!  One night, one vote.

Note that on election night, winning candidates are elected to the board – but not to a board position.  So you don’t need to decide what position you want to hold just yet.  The newly elected board will meet in October to elect key positions – like President, Bartender, DJ, etc..    Very “Robert’s Rule” of us  🙂


You’ve read this far, so you must still be interested.  Or, you have finished Netflix and need to get out of the house before you start watching CSPAN.  Either way, here are the meeting details.

Date:  Tuesday, August 18, 2020
Location:  Applewood Knolls Swim and Tennis Club
Time:  6:00 – Done

If you have any questions about how this is going to work – click here to drop us an email and we can explain.

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