August is the Sunday of Summer

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August is the Sunday of Summer

Sunday August 23, 2020

August is the Sunday of Summer
August 23, 2020 James Capps

As our Strange But True 2020 Summer comes to an end, here are a few end of the year things you should know.


First a Big Thank You

I’m sure I’ll send out a more sappy end of year message with a photo montage, Michael Buble soundtrack and lots of puppy photos making you cry in your coffee.  Until then, let us thank everyone for a great year.  2020 has challenged this club like no other summer.  (Except for the summer we decided to save money and do the water chemicals ourselves.  Pool was closed for weeks while we tried to kill the sentient slime that took over the pool and the guard shack – true story).

  • Thank you to our members who were patient as we invented a new, safe way for everyone to enjoy a patent-pending Applewood Knolls Experience.
  • Thank you to Lizzy and the guards for being club ambassadors, life protectors and mask enforcers.
  • Thank you to our community as a whole who supported our being open, our food trucks and our commitment to the Applewood neighborhood.

Dates and Times

With kids back in “school” and lifeguards doing what ever they do (llama races, high-stakes Minecraft, illegal macrame fight clubs), we are going to count our blessings and end the season on Labor Day.  We have kept both the global pandemic gods and the state health inspectors happy so far, and we don’t want to push our luck.  (Yes, we passed our health inspection last week with flying colors.  “You guys are managing COVID better than almost everyone”)

For the remainder of the season we will follow the hours listed below.

  • Monday – Friday : 5-9pm
  • Saturday and Sunday and Labor Day:  10-9
  • Pool is closed for season starting Sept 8.

Golf – Our Last Hurrah

Please join your friends and fellow drunkards at the 2020 AK Golf Cart Monster Truck Rally and Scramble.  The scramble tournament is Saturday, September 19, 2020.  The details are in the amazing poster which can be found at the below.  You can contact Megan Chapman to register.  (

2020 Golf Tournament

Special Thanks

A big thank you to your Board of Directors and supporting volunteers.  I can assure you that no one signed up for this kind of chaos and insanity.  They did an amazing job keeping the club operating and fun.  (Full disclosure, I’m not on the board.  I’m just a hired gun who is good at email)

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