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Cancellation Policy

​Early Season Refund Policy

Some players,  after a few days of practice decide that tennis isn’t for them.  Also on occasion the coaches decide that a player isn’t ready for the tennis team.  Because of this we have established the following refund policy for registration fees (this policy does not cover gear purchased):

  • Players that leave the team by choice by the end of the first week of practice we refund all but $20 of the registration fee.  The $20 covers the fees charged to us by our web site company and billing things.
  • Players that leave the team because the coach determines they are not ready for the tennis team will be refunded all but $20 of their registration fees.
  • Regardless of the above, there are no refunds after the June 10 (even if you sign up after June 10).

Full Refunds and Cancellations

Except for the exceptions listed above, the Applewood Knolls Tennis Team has found it necessary to establish a firm NO REFUND POLICY concerning registration fees and program fees.

The Applewood Knolls Tennis Team financial commitments involve annual court maintenance and staff contracts based on registrations at the beginning of each season. Therefore, the Tennis Team provides NO REFUND OF ANY REGISTRATION FEES OR PROGRAM FEES.

​This policy covers and includes, without limitation, requests for refunds and/or cancellations as the result of any changes in Applewood Knolls Tennis Team personnel, including changes in the team’s coaching or management staff.

Revised 2022

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