Masters Swim Program

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Masters Swim Program

Master’s Swim

Master’s Swim is a program for swimmers of all ages who want to pretend all over again.  A great addition to Cross-fit or Bikram, this program meets 3 times a week to keep your hair from completely turning green. Swimmer’s abilities are quite varied so don’t think you can’t keep up.  We have 6 lanes to pick from each with its own skill and speed.

Workouts are provided by Coach Lani who you will learn to hate by the end of each practice.  She’s a lovely woman, but she knows how to make you sweat – even in the water.

Fee and Registration
$50 for the summer ($150 for non-members). No cry baby refunds. Click HERE to pay.

5:30 AM  (that’s in the morning, when the water is nice and cold).

(Updated for 2021)

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