Membership/Waitlist Information

Membership/Waitlist Information

Joining the club is the most complicated thing about AK.   We have a lot of people wanting to get in so do this one thing (seriously – just this one thing) by the book.  No jumping ahead, no friends of friends.  And we only accept bribes in the form of private jet hours.  So you know we are serious!

Here is all you need to know.  Regular, more timely updates and status of where we are is always posted on the main page.  So keep checking there even if you’re not a member yet!

Membership Calendar

Here’s how it all goes down:

  • January 1st or so – We get around to putting something on the website saying – “get ready”

  • February 1st – An email is sent to each previous years member asking them to join again.

  • March 1st – All remaining open memberships are offered to those on the wait list

  • Mayish – The pool opens.

Membership Registration

Joining Applewood Knolls is a solemn and serious decision that must be made with the greatest of sincerity and humility.  Our hallowed halls….  Ok, I even spit my coffee a little typing that.  We are a neighborhood club, not an Ivy League.

Seriously, we accept membership applications in the spring and accept 250 members.  More than that and things get messy.  Returning members get first dibs and then we add members from the wait list.  Application instructions and stuff are sent through email to ensure fairness.  Add yourself to the lists above to make sure you get all the info you can stomach.  See the calendar above for the dates.

Ready to hurry and wait? Purchase our Wait Application Fee below…

Please note: the Applewood Knolls Swim and Tennis Club waitlist is quite lengthy at this time… the wait could be anywhere from 5-6 years.

Wait List Fee

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