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  • The Latest and Greatest

    Just like the weather or my hair color, things keep on changing for the better at AK!  Here are a few of the improvements we are making to ensure both a safe and fun-filled summer!

    Reservations and Hours

    Jeffco has updated the rules regarding maximum number of swimmers.  So we are now allowing more reservations to be made!  Same rules apply, just more families are allowed!

    Additionally, we asked for your inputs regarding the pool hours.  You’re thoughts were very helpful and we appreciate the conversations.  Listed below are the updated time blocks!

              11:00am – 1:30 pm
              2:00pm – 5:00 pm 
              5:30 pm – 8:30pm 

    FWIW we ignored the requests for the pool to be open 24 hours due to the needs of the lizard people that live in the pump room.

    Pool Amenities

    To maximize the entertainment and exhaustion value of the pool the following changes have been made:

    1. Diving board is now open –  Each diver must demonstrate ability to look foolish when diving before being allowed full use of board.
    2. Bottle filler is now operational –  Need to cut that morning Vodka and OJ?  Water filler is back.  Still just water. Vodka dispenser is on back order.
    3. Pool toys and stuff are AOK – You can now use your floaty, floater, floati or float if you’d like.


    • Masters swim will begin on Monday.  See the website for details.
    • Swim Team will begin on Monday.  See website for details.
    • Swim lessons will not begin yet.  See website for no additional details.
    • Tennis League (Monday / Wed) will begin June 15th.  You know who to talk to about details.


    Have a great day!

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  • It Just Keeps Getting Better

    Almost There!!!

    Applewood Knolls continues to be a beacon of sanity and heavy drinking as we slowly get back to our regular summer activities.  Here are a few updates to help you feel more normal in a world that seems less like an episode of Saved by The Bell and more like an episode of Black Mirror.


    Swimming Reservations

    To keep everyone safe and wet this season, we have implemented the new reservation system on the website (insert screams of joy here).  You can reach it by clicking here or by clicking the little swimmer icon at the top of the webpage.  We have answered a few FAQs to help out with this new process.

    Q: Do I have to use the reservation system to use the pool?
    A: Yes.  This is our means to comply with guidelines set by the state of Colorado, the CDC and my mom.

    Q: How often can I make a reservation?
    A: You can make a single reservation per rolling seven days.  So if you make a reservation for tomorrow, you can make another one after that reservation has passed.  And for now, you must make a reservation 24 hours in advance (we are working to change that).

    Q: Can I share a reservation with another family or a pack of wild dogs?
    A: No and No.  The whole point of this effort is to maintain our social-distancing distancing (yes, I typed that twice).  So sharing with another family that you don’t already live with defeats that purpose.  Yes, I know this isn’t a perfect approach, but we are doing the best we can under a strange and new situation.

    Q: Do I need to log in to make a reservation?
    A: Yes, you must log into the website to make a reservation.  If you have not already done so, please do so.  Its fun, free and eliminates toe fungus.  Update your email address while yer in there!


    Tennis Lessons

    We are now accepting registration for tennis lessons on-line.  Click on the “Tennis” menu at the top of the page. Or click here!

    Click on the day of the week in which you are interested to go to the registration page.

    Swim Lessons

    Nope, not yet.  Not sure how we are going to do this yet.  Give us a week or so.


    In conclusion…

    This has been a hectic week.  We are reinventing the pool and the summer all at once.  Not to mention we are dealing with a stay at home order, social unrest and our kids being home ALL OF THE TIME!  So yea, it’s crazy.  Good thing we don’t have to worry about the Murder Hornets any more….



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  • Summertime 2020 Update…of sorts

    Let’s just get this out of the way.  I personally think it’s a little over the top at this point.  I think there are those who have clearly blown this out of proportion.  Seriously, Murder Hornets?  WTF!  Maybe Manslaughter Hornets, or Accidental Death Hornets. But MURDER.  That’s a little strong.  I doubt 12 peer hornets could unanimously agree on that name.

    Anyhow, the pool.  Yes, about that.

    So like many of us, we have few answers.  The health and safety of our members is at the top of our list of important things (along with Ring Pops).  As such we are looking to experts and local officials to guide our decision to open the pool this year.  Given the effort required to open the pool and the constantly changing dynamics of the situation we are taking all of the early-season steps to open the pool on June 1.

    What does that mean?  It means the building is being dipped in Clorox, the pool is being filled and we’ve burned the lost and found.  Experience so far has shown we could be allowed to open with little notice but with unique restrictions and we want to be ready.

    In general,  we will be following state, county and city guidelines.  We will also be looking to public and private athletic facilities and pools to determine our best course of action.  Beyond that, we are meeting daily and expect to have a plan in the next two weeks.

    This sucks.  We know it.  You know it.   But every email we have gotten over the past few months has been chill, cool and understanding.  Thank you all for that.  Suddenly being a volunteer who donates hundreds of hours to a local swimmin’ hole is a lot harder than expected.  Patience and gratitude is the only thing that’s going to make this work out.  Please order some of that from Amazon instead of toilet paper.

    We will post updates here as soon as they are available.  Duh.

    PS.  I just googled Murder Hornet for a pic for this post.  Damn.  I take it all back.  Running for the hills could be warranted. 

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  • Be the Monkey

    It’s a little nutty right now.  I get it.  But just be the monkey.  Deep breaths.  This too shall pass.  And when you don’t think you can handle another scoop of insanity on top of your bonkers nut sunday, just come back to this page and be the monkey.

    Membership Update

    Summer 2020 Membership drive continues at a brisk pace.  There are only a few slots left as we are pulling folks from the wait list.  Some have been waiting as long as 4 years.  Bless their patient swimming souls!  If you are a returning member and have not registered you’d better get to it before it’s too late (which it technically already is, but I’m being the monkey).

    2020 Lifeguard Applications

    We are now accepting lifeguard applications for the summer.  You can find the application at this link and it’s also in the website main menu under something like Hours and Info or Get My Kid a Job Before I Murder Them.
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The story of Applewood Knolls begins in 1959 immediately after local hunters had rid the area of the last penguins and crocodiles that had inhabited the region.

  • Joining Applewood Knolls is a solemn and serious decision that must be made with the greatest of sincerity and humility. Our hallowed halls.... Ok, I even spit my coffee a little typing that. We are a neighborhood club, not an Ivy League.

  • Tennis lessons at Applewood Knolls are an amazing way to teach your kids a fun sport. Plus they will sleep like a rock after!!

  • Swimming and social distancing - yes, it can be done! Reservable Online Swim reservations!

  • The pool has been expanded 3 times from a 4-lane 25 yard pool to a 6-lane 25 meter pool. Each time gold coins were found in the ground allowing us all to live out all of our childhood dreams.

  • ​The pool was built and operated as part of the Applewood Knolls Subdivision HOA. The HOA collapsed quickly like all HOAs should, and the pool has since been operated independently.

  • What better way to meet your neighbors than the neighborhood watering hole!

  • When social events are allowed again, we will have games and music and a giant pool full of water. What more do you need?

  • Wifi around the pool / courts. Work from the pool this summer!

  • At the end of the pool there's a little semi-private area we call the Cabana. No idea why. Its hardly a thatched roofed hut, and there is no beach. But its what we call it. You can rent that fun little cabana area for your party, reunion or Silpada thing. The rental is a great way to bring some friends for a few hours and enjoy the club.

  • Remember, we cap our membership at 250 memberships. This keeps the crowds small and the likelihood that you'll smack the wrong kid to a minimum.

Applewood Knolls Swim and Tennis Club

11520 W 32nd Avenue, Wheat Ridge , CO, 80033

303-238-0341 (seasonal #)

Got questions? Contact us...

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