Security Camera Policy

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Security Camera Policy

1. Overview
In order to promote a safe and secure environment, Applewood Knolls Swim and Tennis Club (AKSTC)  will be installing security cameras as part of its crime prevention strategy.  These cameras are meant to promote safety for our  programs and deter vandalism/theft on building property.  Because AKSTC respects the privacy of its community, this policy has been developed to ensure that the cameras are used judiciously.

2. Policy
Security cameras may be installed to govern security or placed where the security of property or personnel would be promoted.  Cameras will be limited to uses that do not violate the reasonable expectation of privacy as defined by law.  Cameras may be placed anywhere on AKSTC property, inside or outside buildings.  Camera function will generally fall into at least one of the following two main categories:
a) Property Protection: Where the main intent is to capture video and store it on a remote device so that if property is stolen or damaged, the video may be used to identify the perpetrator.  Examples may include the deck, the guard shack, the pump room and the parking lot.

b) Personal Safety: Where the main intent is to capture video and store it on a remote device so that if persons at AKSTC are harassed or assaulted, the video may be used to identify the perpetrator.  Examples may include the parking lot.
3. Guidelines
The use and storage of video recordings will be strictly governed.
 a) Recordings will be stored for no longer than one month.  Video that is older than one month will be automatically deleted by the security system software.  In the event that sections of the video need to be stored for beyond one month (e.g. a crime is committed and video needs to be saved as evidence), this must be explicitly approved by the Board of Directors.

b) Information obtained from the cameras can be default only be viewed by the Board of Director.  Any other party that requires viewing of the video must receive express written consent from the board.  

c) Information obtained from the cameras shall be used exclusively for law and/or policy enforcement.  Personnel viewing the recordings are prohibited from using or disseminating the information except for official purposes.
d) Cameras may be installed in public areas where a person should not have an expectation of privacy.  Other areas will not be monitored.  Specifically,  cameras will not be used to monitor locker rooms, changing areas or toilets.

​e) Cameras will not be used for the following purposes, unless deemed an "exceptional circumstance": evaluating individual performance, tracking attendees either for individual attendance or for metrics.

f) An "exceptional circumstance" may include a criminal investigation or surveillance, and such a circumstance must be approved by the board.


Change Log

June 2019 - Adopted by Board during June Board Meeting. (not yet)

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